RVNG Intl. re-releases Bing & Ruth’s ultra-limited debut

RVNG Intl. re-releases Bing & Ruth's ultra-limited debut

Bing & Ruth is magic. If you believe in the afterlife, this is probably what will be playing when you float up to heaven. And now RVNG Intl. are releasing their original debut, City Lake. The album originally came out five years ago in what they’re calling “an unusually limited edition,” but now, for your listening pleasure, it’s coming out again on November 13. You can check out the beautiful video for track “Rails” below.

Word on the street is that RVNG Intl. somehow mistakenly got ahold of City Lake as an unmarked white label test press from their shared vinyl manufacturer some years back, put it on the turntable, and let it sit there for a few months, then it basically never left their turntable and the label reached out to frontman David Moore about what would eventually become Bing & Ruth’s Tomorrow Was The Golden Age album. Now they’ve remastered and reimagined the group’s debut as a limited-edition double LP, CD, and digital download. If you live in Europe, I got a few tour dates you might be interested in, too.

City Lake tracklisting:

01. Broad Channel
02. Put Your Weight Into It
03. And Then it Rained
04. Rails
05. City Lake / Tu Sei Uwe
06. Broad Channel / A Little Line in a Round Face
07. Here’s What You’re Missin
08. You’re Gonna Need That When He’s Gone (Bonus Track)
09. In This Ruined House (Bonus Track)
10. Broad Channel (Solo Piano) (Bonus Track)

Tour dates:

12.08.15 - London, UK - Royal Albert Hall
12.09.15 - Hasselt, BE - Autumn Falls @ CCHA
12.10.15 - Leuven, BE - Autumn Falls @ 30CC
12.11.15 - Den Haag, NL - State x New Forms Festival*

*A Winged Victory For The Sullen

[Photo: Emily Johnston]

• RVNG Intl.: http://igetrvng.com

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