FOR SALE: Tiny Mix Tapes Vol. 1: Darfur

Hello, dear readers! We are extremely excited to announce the release of our first benefit compilation, Tiny Mix Tapes Vol. 1: Darfur, an 11-track album full of exclusive tracks from some of our favorite artists. 100% of the profits from this comp will be donated to the International Rescue Committee, who are currently working in the Sudan region to aid refugees.

Please visit the order page for more information.

Tiny Mix Tapes Vol. 1: Darfur tracklist:
01. Jim O’Rourke - "Seven Stars"
02. Balroynigress - "Dress the Ship in Black"
03. WHY? - "Eskimo Snow (sock hop version)"
04. Frog Eyes - "Bushels (acoustic version)"
05. Burning Star Core - "Incurable Beauty of the Master’s Demise"
06. Xiu Xiu - "Farther On (Traditional)"
07. Mount Eerie - "Calf In Pasture"
08. Wooden Wand - "No Stranger"
09. The Flying Luttenbachers with Henry Kaiser - "Trapped in Ice"
10. nmperign - "Remote Sensing"
11. Dan Deacon - "I Have So Much to Donald"

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