San Francisco Electronic Music Festival to feature Kevin Drumm, Jessica Rylan, Christian Marclay, Yoshi/Tashi Wada, and Joe Biden

San Francisco Electronic Music Festival to feature Kevin Drumm, Jessica Rylan, Christian Marclay, Yoshi/Tashi Wada, and Joe Biden

Sorry for that link bait headline, we just couldn’t resist cashing in on all the Joe Biden excitement sweeping the nation lately. Though we can’t say for sure one way or the other, it’s looking less likely with each passing day that Biden is going to be performing at the 12th annual San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, running from September 8-11. He will, however, be in attendance at all four events, meaning it’s more or less your patriotic duty to spend the long 9/11 weekend with Joe and all his favorite noise outfits.

The SFEMF kicks off its 12th successful year on September 8 at SFMoMA (in the Phillis Wattis Theater) with an “evening of live and fixed media works for sound and video” provided by Sarah Howe, Les Stuck, Tim Perkis/Tom Djll, and Alba G. Corral/Kadet Kuhne. Since Biden wasn’t too keen on any of these artists, he requested an additional performance of Milton Babbit’s Philomel by Dina Emerson, just to round things out a bit.

Once the weekend rolls around, though, it’s all killer no filler at the Brava Theater Center for three days straight. Christian Marclay/Shelley Hirsch will be headlining Friday night, with Zachary Watkins and Jessica Rylan opening (your mind!!). Saturday brings Yoshi Wada and his progeny Tashi in a dual headlining performance, with Area C and 0th opening, as well as a tribute to the late Max Mathews from Marielle Jakobsons. Sunday proves the age-old maxim “save the Drumm for last,” as the formidable Kevin Drumm will be headlining this final night, with opening wizardry by JD Emmanuel and Gregg Kowalsky.

So put September 8-11 in your planners, electronic music fans, and start saving that money, because on top of the cost of admission, you also need to factor in the inevitable purchase of a couple “I’d rather be ridin’ Biden” t-shirts, for sale each night in an alley outside the venue.

September 8, SFMoMA:

Les Stuck
Sarah Howe
Tim Perkis/Tom Djill
Alba G. Corral/Kadet Kuhne
Dina Emerson

September 9, Brava Theater Center:

Christian Marclay/Shelley Hirsch
Zachary Watkins
Jessica Rylan

September 10, Brava Theater Center:

Yoshi Wada/Tashi Wada
Marielle Jakobsons (Max Mathews tribute)
Area C

September 11, Brava Theater Center:

Kevin Drumm
JD Emmanuel
Gregg Kowalsky

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