Sandwell District closes, boards up, becomes abandoned, and gets replaced by squatters

Sandwell District closes, boards up, becomes abandoned, and gets replaced by squatters

Sandwell District, we hardly knew ye. Or at least I didn’t until about October of last year, when I first came across their extremely solid self-titled label compilation, which now appears to have doubled as a chune-laden death knell. After nine years of a relatively low-key existence releasing mostly 12-inch productions, the anonymously-based underground techno label has decided to formally dissolve, with no reason(s) specifically highlighted. In a December 31 blog post on their website/Tumblr page, it’s revealed that, effective immediately, “regular audio communications from Sandwell District will cease,” and that “all vinyl artefacts have been decommissioned.”

The message goes on to mention the possibility of “future, albeit irregular, print communications with audio accompaniment,” but admits that “details — and indeed content — is [sic] uncertain at this moment in time.” The post ominously concludes, “Stasis is death. See you on the other side.” Wait… my stasis? Their stasis? See who on what other side? Am I arriving first or are they? Should I bring a change of clothes? What kind of weather should I pack for? More information, please!

Also posted on December 31 was a mix, presumably by former Sandwell constituent Silent Servant, featuring artists such as Delia Derbyshire, Throbbing Gristle, HTRK, and John Maus. The entire tracklist can be found on their Tumblr page, but feel free (because it is) to download the mix directly, here.

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