Scores for Studio Ghibli classics My Neighbor Totoro, Nausicaä, Castle in the Sky land on vinyl for the first time

Scores for Studio Ghibli classics My Neighbor Totoro, Nausicaä, Castle in the Sky land on vinyl for the first time
Joe Hisaishi - My Neighbor Totoro (Image Album)

Never has there been conceived a more fitting pairing than that of the sizzling nostalgia of the vinyl format with the warm comforts of the unparalleled, magical fantasy universes of Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli’s classic films. And yet, this perfect fusion has gone largely untested until now. Luckily, Tokuma are here, like the ineffably lovable Totoro, to fill the gaping hole in our hearts with reissues of Ghibli composer Joe Hisaishi’s scores for My Neighbor Totoro, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, and Castle in the Sky for the first time on vinyl. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry!

As you might suspect of a project of this significance, these are no mere barebones reissues. In addition to the soundtrack editions of each of the film’s scores, Tokuma is also offering “Image Albums” of all three soundtracks (featuring Hisaishi’s “concept music” composed before completion of the films), as well as a “Sound Book” edition of My Neighbor Totoro’s score (“re-recorded on violin, guitar and flute, foregrounding the folksy warmth of the film”) and full symphony versions of the music for both Nausicaä and Castle in the Sky. Collect them all! (Or defy the ugly capitalist urges of compulsive consumption, get your very favorite instead and treasure it like the priceless jewel it is, then pass it on to your children, who in turn can share its beautiful sentiments with their progeny and continue humanity’s precious cycle of love and empathy… you know, whatever works.)

The reissued scores are set to arrive on a Cat Bus near you November 2, but you can pre-order any or all of them at the Bleep store (also check out that link for more version-specific information, including full tracklistings). Now give your thanks to Tokuma, Mr. Hisaishi, and legendary curmudgeon Hayao Miyazaki, and, as always, live life like Totoro is watching!

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