Seefeel return after 14 years with brand-new 10-inch Faults

Seefeel return after 14 years with brand-new 10-inch Faults

Mark Clifford and his crew have returned. Perhaps not in the most traditional form, but returned nonetheless! After playing a stellar set at the Warp20 show in Paris last year, Seefeel, one of the pioneering groups of 90s ambient/space-rock, have decided to release their first collection of new recorded material in 14 years. The band has decided to release a 10-inch with four new tracks through who else but Warp. The lineup includes new members Shigeru Ishihara and E-da, the former having previously been a drummer for the seminal Boredoms. The title of said 10-inch is Faults, and you can stream the title track over here.

For those of you in the London vicinity, you’ll have at least one chance to catch the band in its new live incarnation on September 16 at London’s ICA. Don’t fret if you can’t catch ‘em this time around, though. According to Clifford, the band is expanding its live sound and planning on future shows. Wait, what was that you just whispered, Mark? Did you mention something about a full-length? No? Okay.

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