Seeming talks about video premiere of “Stranger” from forthcoming album SOL: A Self-Banishment Ritual

Seeming talks about video premiere of “Stranger” from forthcoming album <cite>SOL: A Self-Banishment Ritual</cite>
Real talk: when you're "post-dance," you need a good walking stick.

It ain’t easy, that’s for sure. In these “post-human, post-gothic, post-political, post-dance” times, you need someone who is familiar with the confusing climate to guide you through it all, ears intact. A musical porter, if you will, rather than an ungraceful stranger. And who better than Alex Reed, the guiding light figurehead of Seeming? After all, if anyone can make sense of a world, or anything termed “post-human, post-gothic, post-political, post-dance,” it must be the person whose music is self-described as such! Seeming’s latest exercise in high drama and grandiose fantasy, SOL: A Self-Banishment Ritual, is out August 4 on the Toronto-based Artoffact label, and we’re premiering the video for the album track “Stranger” here today!

Combining massive catchiness with enormous strangeness, it’ll only take you a few spins of SOL: A Self-Banishment Ritual before its decadent, dark electro-pop songs get scratched into your soul. And with its neon-sound boundary-breaker and prominent featuring of the considerable vocal talents of SΔMMUS, “Stranger” is a case-in-point. When asked by Tiny Mix Tapes about the track and his collaborating chanteuse on the track, Reed says,

“Stranger” is a song about doubling down on whatever it is that makes you different. It’s about pushing your own boundaries, both for the sake of exploration and as a political stand — especially in a world that increasingly wants to limit who or what we can be. I woke up one morning with the verse melody in my head and I was instantly drawn to its smoky 1970s sound. After writing the song, I knew it needed another angle, another voice. SΔMMUS’s music had really spoken to me ever since I saw her perform at a show in Ithaca, and so I reached out to her, and am so grateful to her. She really made the track shine. It was a special and new kind of collaboration for us both.

And sure; you COULD listen to “Stranger” here…but then you would be missing out on the sensuous, strange, and (literally) gauze-y new video clip for the track, watchable down below. And you wouldn’t want to do that.

Also, be sure to check out SOL’s “I Love You Citizen” here, as you pre-order the album digitally or on limited-to-300 blue vinyl. For the album’s full tracklisting, cover art, and select dates, just follow the “Stranger.”

SOL: A Self-Banishment Ritual tracklist:

01. Doomsayer
02. If I Were You
03. Zookeeper
04. The Unspeaking
05. Stranger (feat. SΔMMUS)
06. Knowledge
07. Feral
08. Phantom Limb
09. The Forgetting Room
10. I Love You Citizen
11. The Wildwood
12. At the Road’s End (feat. Merzbow)
13. Talk About Bones

Seeming live:

07.29.17 - Ottawa, ON - Swizzles
07.30.17 - Toronto, ON - Junction City Music Hall @
08.01.17 - Pittsburgh, PA - Cattivo #
08.03.17 - Boston, MA - Once $
08.11.17 - Chicago, IL - Underground Lounge %

@ Alissa Vox Raw, Depression Era
# Voltaire, Bella Morte, The Long Losts
$ Voltaire, Bella Morte, Mei Ohara
% MindFluxFuneral, Lorelei Dreaming, Deconbrio

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