Sex & Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Kills Reissue Debut Album with Fancy Bonus Tracks

Do you ever look at your old albums and think, "Wow, I really wish this had some bonus tracks on it! This album would be so much better with bonus tracks."? If you are a Kills fan, and you often finding yourself thinking that, well, you're in luck! Because on May 5 Domino is reissuing their 2003 full-length debut, Keep on Your Mean Side, with a few dandy tracks thrown in from the Black Rooster and Fried My Little Brains EPs. Sure, you probably already know that Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince collaborated via tapes sent between her place in Florida and his in London. But did you also know that they recorded Keep on Your Mean Side in London's all-analogue Toe Rag studio, or that they drove around the States in a convertible while on tour? Rock ‘n’ roll! Possibly even more rock ‘n’ roll than dating Kate Moss. POSSIBLY. Q Magazine, at least, seems to agree. I'm not usually one for including magazine quotes in a story, but this one's pretty rad. Behold! the quote:

"Once upon a time rock ‘n’ roll was all about the sex you really shouldn't have. The Kills haven't forgotten."


1. Superstition
2. Cat Claw
3. Pull a U
4. Kissy Kissy
5. Fried My Little Brains
6. Hand
7. Hitched
8. Black Rooster
9. Wait
10. Fuck the People
11. Monkey23
12. Gypsy Death & You
13. Gum (Black Rooster EP)
14. Jewel Thief (Fried My Little Brains EP)
15. Sugar Baby (Fried My Little Brains EP)
16. The Search for Cherry Red ("Pull a U" single)
17. Dropout Boogie (Black Rooster EP)

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