Shout Out Louds Announce Third LP; You Guys Can Stop Shouting So Much, We’re Indoors

Anthemic Swedish rockers Shout Out Louds have been awfully quiet the last couple of years for a band called, well, Shout Out Louds. Since the release of their 2007 Merge LP Our Ill Wills (TMT Review), there’s been nary a peep from them. Well that’s stopping right now, since the group has a new record that they feel the need to just... shout out loud about. Here ends the “shout pun” portion of this news story.

Work, the band’s third LP, will be out on February 23 via Merge Records. Shout Out Louds singer Alec Olenius explains that the record’s title comes from the double-meaning of "work" as “the process of creating something and almost working yourself to death” and "that something ‘does work,’ to reach a goal.” The title was also inspired by a song off Songs for Drella, an album by two guys a lot of people like a whole lot: Lou Reed and John Cale. Another guy a lot of people like a whole lot is Phil Ek, who produced Work in Seattle’s Bear Creek Studio. Phil Ek; what can’t he do? Not produce scores of indie rock records, that’s what.

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