Silent Barn relocates to Bushwick for Silent Barn 2: The Barnening

Silent Barn relocates to Bushwick for Silent Barn 2: The Barnening

Do you remember a little over a year ago when Silent Barn, one of the premier DIY venues in New York, was robbed? That time over $15,000 of equipment was stolen or vandalized?

What about the Kickstarter or benefit compilation meant to help recoup the losses of the robbery?

Still nothing? Really? Well, in any event, Silent Barn is back. The Ridgewood-based DIY hotspot isn’t quite Ridgewood-based anymore as they’ve moved to a three-story, 10,000 square foot property at 603 Bushwick Avenue in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. The new venue will, as the old one did, work as a performance space, art installation, and studio space. The new lease is for 10 years and has been formally recognized by the city, so you don’t have to worry about the cops stopping any more performances. The proprietors of the space haven’t announced an official opening date, but look for shows to begin in January of 2013. They’re taking applications now, so check out their site for more info.

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