Silicon to release debut album Personal Computer on Weird World

Silicon to release debut album Personal Computer on Weird World

Silicon is the sound of love. Like, all the teens are at the beach in 1980s L.A., and a breeze ruffles the hair of the hottest, blondest cool girl, and all the nerds are just drooling, and then some chiseled future white-collar criminal rolls up in his convertible and they drive away together, leaving only lingering wistful electronic beats swirling behind them. And also, those iridescent computer-generated dolphins that were so popular in the 90s are swimming through the ocean surf. Yeah, it sounds like THAT.

So who is this visionary, this dreamer of cool lovely dreams? Silicon is Kody Nielson, brother of Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Ruban Nielson. (They played in The Mint Chicks together.) The newly-crowned New Zealand pop prince is coming out with a debut album, Personal Computer, which you’ll be able to bathe your battered soul in once Weird World/Domino drops it August 28.

Check out the new single “Burning Sugar,” with visuals by Natalia Stuyk, below:

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