So nice it happens twice: Primavera Club 2011 features Fleet Foxes, The Pop Group, and Superchunk

So nice it happens twice: Primavera Club 2011 features Fleet Foxes, The Pop Group, and Superchunk

The good people over at Spain’s San Miguel Primavera Club festival have released the first acts taking part in their fall lineup into the blogosphere, where they are currently swirling about like an early Windows screensaver, all psychedelic colored lines representing hopes, dreams, and the sweet, sweet harmonies of Fleet Foxes. Because, yes — Fleet Foxes have been confirmed. As have the much-loved Superchunk and the venerated post-punk outfit The Pop Group. Together, their voices shall ring out in the city streets of Barcelona and Madrid, where lucky, lucky, lucky European music fans are able to attend the festival in venues scattered across both cities.

Now, these Fleet Foxes will be performing twice in Madrid and once, two days later, in Barcelona. (So despite the fact that the festival is held simultaneously in two cities, no time traveling will be required to see bands. At least not yet.) Admission to bathe in the haunting folk melodies of the vulpine-named ones, however, comes at a little bit extra, so please, if you plan on attending, check out San Miguel Primavera Club’s festival ticket pricing options. But lest ye think that paying an additional fee for this musical event in addition to your Primavera Club admission is, like, totally whack, check out the other acts included in the festival pass. I see your Fleet Foxes, and I’ll raise you an UNKLE, in the form of something called “James Lavelle presents: UNKLE-SOUNDS.” (Sounds like dinner theatre. Maybe it’s dinner theatre.)

Also: they got an Olivia Tremor Control, a Handsome Furs, a Com Truise, a JEFF the Brotherhood, some Shabazz Palaces, a fabled R. Stevie Moore, one John Maus, a Factory Floor, a Puro Instinct, some American Girls (not the dolls, we hope), some fine Finns in the form of Uusi Fantasia, and just for kicks, a showcase put together by Thrill Jockey and the agency Iron Booking, which will include Thank You, Barn Owl, and High Places. With a lineup like this, maybe time travel WILL be necessary. You know, so you can see everything twice.

11.23-27.11 - Barcelona & Madrid, Spain - Primavera Club Festival

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