Sonic Youth announce something!! Oh, wait; it’s just plans to start archiving and reissuing their albums :’(

Sonic Youth announce something!! Oh, wait; it's just plans to start archiving and reissuing their albums :'(

Okay. NOW It’s official. Following their bummer-tastic “semi-forever hiatus” status, Sonic Youth are officially kicking into full-blown LEGACY PRESERVATION MODE. According to Consequence of Sound, the corporation known as Sonic Youth has announced rather Library of Congress-esque plans for the launching of a new “archival series,” in which “a number of” their albums will be re-released on vinyl and CD throughout the coming months and beyond. Yup. Cool as this is, it kinda dashes my secret hopes of them, you know, popping back up to jam at any point during this year’s music fest season!

For starters, they announced yesterday on their very-official-sounding official news page that “on June 10 Sonic Youth will reissue the original 2xLP and CD editions of Daydream Nation and the CD edition of Ciccone Youth’s The Whitey Album via the band’s own label distributed by Revolver/Midheaven.” Huh. You mean the “band’s own label” isn’t just Matador???

Anyway, after that, it’s on to the rest of their currently out-of-print pre-Geffen stuff; including Bad Moon Rising, EVOL, Sister, Confusion Is Sex, and a special DVD edition of Screaming Fields of Sonic Love with new bonus material. Yup. All seems pretty official, that’s for sure. I don’t know about you, but all this news makes me psyched and pissed-off at the same time. Net result? I think I have to go take a pretty serious shit.

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