SOPHIE to drop release called Product on Numbers

SOPHIE to drop release called Product on Numbers

It’s been over a year since SOPHIE released the one-two punch of “Lemonade” and “Hard.” While we’ve been tiding ourselves over with SOPHIE’s production work for other artists, grainy YouTube vids of new tracks, and remixes here and there, anticipation for new material by the already-influential London producer/materialist/sound fetishist has reached a fever pitch.

Well, the wait is finally over. While there are more exciting announcements to be revealed soon, the cat has been let outta the bag (or was it already outta the bag?) by iTunes, which has revealed a new product by SOPHIE ostensibly called… Product, out November 27 on Numbers. The release compiles two 12-inches that SOPHIE has already dropped on Numbers (“Bipp”/”Elle” and “Lemonade”/”Hard”), as well as four new tracks, “MSMSMSM,” “Vyzee,” “L.O.V.E.,” and “Just Like We Never Said Goodbye.”

Product is currently up for pre-order and comes on the heels of four non-solo production credits for 2015, including tracks for Madonna, Namie Amuro, LIZ, and, most recently, Le1f.

Product tracklist:

01. Bipp
02. Elle
03. Lemonade
04. Hard
06. Vyzee
07. L.O.V.E.
08. Just Like We Never Said Goodbye

• Numbers:

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