Soul Jazz cross the pond for a new Krautrock comp, Deutsche Elektronische Musik

Soul Jazz cross the pond for a new Krautrock comp, Deutsche Elektronische Musik

The fanheads over at Soul Jazz Records are at it again. Having already amassed a catalog chock full of compilations covering an array of musical time periods and genres — 80s New York noise, late-60s and early-70s Brazilian Tropicália, and even the sounds coming out of the blaxploitation film movement — the next big move for the prestigious UK label is to head back over to their side of the pond with a compilation presenting and briefly summarizing the German Krautrock/Elektronische music scene from 1972-1983.

This compilation covers only a minute portion of the output that sprung out of this era in German experimental music, but like most of Soul Jazz’s attempts at unearthing marginalized music, its purpose is to merely act as a springboard for curious fans. Some of the more memorable (and in some cases still existing) bands that are represented from this era are Can, Faust, Kluster (Cluster), and Tangerine Dream. But in true Soul Jazz fashion, the comp doesn’t just include the big boys of Krautrock. It also includes some of the bands swept under the rug, like Harmonia, Amon Düül II, and Michael Bundt. What will they cover next? Mid-to-late 90s US boy bands? I’m thinkin that one’s lost in the ashes for good.

The compilation is titled Deutsche Elektronische Musik and is set for release April 19. You can pick it up in a 2xCD or 4xLP format, and its already available for pre-order over at the Soul Jazz website.

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