Sparta Frontman Prepares Solo EP, Another Nail in At The Drive-In’s Coffin

Oh, Jim Ward. Apparently you’ve been ignoring my obsessive phone calls about how what the world really needs right now is an At The Drive-In reunion. You even went as far as to record a solo EP just to spite me! And it’s not even rocking like Sparta sort of are or like At The Drive-In still are -- it’s quiet. No, really, you titled the EP Quiet! Dude... that’s just cruel and kind of uncreative.

And you know what really upsets me the most, Jim? When I called you to ask about this EP nonsense, this was all you had to say about it:

“After coming home from a long tour with my band, Sparta, I wanted to sit in my house and play acoustic guitar quietly. The tour had been loud and chaotic, and I was simply trying to level out. I liked how things were sounding, so I began recording them in my studio."

I mean, god, Jim, I thought we knew each other well enough not to speak in interview-esque formalities anymore? Who am I,!?

Sigh. You should just know that when Quiet hits stores on November 6 from Civil Defense League Records, I will most certainly be listening to At The Drive-In’s discography in protest. Nope, your five-song acoustic EP will get no lovin’ from me!

Quiet’s tracklisting:

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