Spencer Krug Goes Solo As Moonface, Announces Debut EP

How many projects is too many projects? If you’re Bob Pollard, trick question: there’s no such thing. If you’re most musicians, one or two should be enough. If you’re Spencer Krug, the answer lies somewhere between the range of “Bob Pollard” and “most musicians.” Indeed, the man splits his time between quite a few endeavors (Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, Swan Lake, Wolf Eyes?, etc etc.) and he’s about to split in a little bit more, as he launches a solo project by the name of Moonface.

Krug is making his Moonface debut with the awesomely titled Dreamland EP: Marimba and Shit-Drums. Jagjaguwar will release the EP January 26 both digitally and as a one-sided 12-inch vinyl. Sorry, Spencer Krug obsessive with only an old boombox: you must shed bitter, bitter tears. However, you can still enjoy the dream journal that will be packaged with the vinyl! The dream journal will also be included with some of the digital downloads, though it has not been specified what exactly “some” constitutes.

Incidentally, Sunset Rubdown released an EP by the title of Introducing Moonface earlier this year. Whether the new project ties in with this release at all is currently unclear.

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