Spice Girls Get Bono to Write a Track for Them, Said It Was Weird Talking to Bono with His Sunglasses On

Bono rules. Dude's got philanthropy coming out his ears! With all the shit on his plate -- third World debt, Aids, U2, Ray-Ban sunglasses, getting censored for speaking out against torture -- you'd think Bono wouldn't even have time to write music. BUT HE DOES APPARENTLY!

According to the Mirror, Bono has written a track for the upcoming Spice Girls greatest hits compilation. (The track title hasn't yet been revealed, but I wouldn't doubt if Bono just gave them some old unreleased U2 B-side. I mean, who'd even try to argue with Bono?? Like I said, Bono rules.) Even more exciting, Spice Girls may perform the song live on their upcoming "reunion tour"!

Although Baby, Ginger, Posh, Scary and Sporty are getting £10million apiece for the 15-date tour and tickets for the first show sold out in 38 sexy seconds, an exact date has not been issued for the greatest hits comp because label big wigs are reportedly scared it might go "ker-plunk." I love it!

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