SSM Make Sweet, Sweet EP, Tour

Writing something about a "Detroit-based SSM" may just be the thing to get me on some sort of "terrorist watch list." Now don't worry freedom lovers, I am not speaking about a Surface-to-Surface Missile, I am referring to the band that takes gritty, groovy, and driving rock, then adds some psychedelic sounds to the mix, creating some of the loudest music you could ever shake your ass to, SSM (Szymanski Shettler Morris). Fuck The Raconteurs, and don't even try with that D12 nonsense, this is the real supergroup from the D. The three guys in the band, John Szymanski (vox/keys), David Shettler (percussion), and Marty Morris (vox/guitars) are (or have been) in some of the best Motor City bands of the last few years (The Hentchmen, The Sights, The Paybacks, Cyril Lords). Combining their skills has defiantly taken the tired sound of "garage rock" to a new level.

After 2005's limited-pressing LP (500 copies), LP 1, the band released their proper debut, SSM, this year on Alive/Bomp. Now they are set to release a new six-song EP, EP 1, on November 7. The extended player features "Put Me In" from the self-titled record, alongside five unreleased songs. Three of the tunes were engineered by Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys, reprising his role from LP. Jazz/Funk/R&B legend Lyman Woodard even plays organ on the band's cover of his song "Belle Isle Daze."

SSM are currently playing shows, which included a stop at the much-ballyhooed Arthur Nights Festival. Oh, and don't worry about me and the whole "terrorist watch list" thing, either; watching me would definitely be a marathon of boring, akin to having to keep an eye on those evildoers on the high school golf team, or being assigned to keep watch over Ladybird Johnson's grave.

EP 1 tracklist:

1. Put Me In (edit)
2. Fiction Rock + Roll
3. Bell Isle Daze
4. Country City
5. You'll Be Glad You Did
6. Belle Isle Dub


10.20.06 - Arcata, CA - The Alibi
10.22.06 - Los Angeles, CA - The Palace Theatre (Arthur Nights Festival) *

10.28.06 - Athens, OH - The Union #
11.03.06 - New York, NY - R&R (CMJ Music Marathon)
11.17.06 - Ferndale, MI - Magic Bag ^

* w/ Comets On Fire, The Fiery Furnaces, Kyp Malone, Archie Bronson Outfit
# w/ Buffalo Killers
^ w/ The Paybacks

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