Stefan Jós (Devon Hansen) announces Primitives album on Flau, premieres new track

Stefan Jós (Devon Hansen) announces Primitives album on Flau, premieres new track

Primitives is the upcoming debut album of Stefan Jós, the project of Montréal-based musician and video artist Devon Hansen (Lotide, D.Hansen). The album — mastered by Miles Whittaker (Demdike Stare) and mastercut by Andreras [Lupo] Lubich — will be available on LP/CD/MP3 May 18 in Europe and the US (May 16 in Japan) via Tokyo-based sister labels Flau and Raum

Primitives comes after two recent EPs: one split, one solo. The split (with Austin Cesear) was called We Live Here and was released via TMT favorite Opal Tapes. It was a small deviation from Hansen’s work under D.Hansen; in fact, with its percussion-driven experiments filling space with echoes and pots & pans sometimes creeping in at nothing more than a murmur, it could have just as easily been cataloged under that name instead of Stefan Jós. The split was followed by Things You Left Behind, Stefan Jós’s solo EP, which came out two months ago as the first release on on Flau’s new 12-inch subdivision, Raum. The four-track EP tapered We Live Here down to a crisp, supple platform independent of fillers.

This latter aesthetic is proudly displayed in Primitives’s first single is “Grotto Erotica.” While holding more of a crunch than the rest of Primitives, “Grotto Erotica” hosts a call-and-response of dungeonesque leaks and groans over a deep house swell, like a ship being rowed toward ramming speed. Check out the track here:

Primitives is available for pre-order now. Check out the tracklisting below, and if you’re heading to MUTEK Montreal, be sure to also check out Jós’s performance there.

Primitives tracklist:

01. An Introduction To Entomology
02. Trouble In The Common
03. Smack (Again)
04. Watching Them Feed
05. Spinners*
06. Roger
07. Grotto Erotica
08. Vandal Eyes
09. Primitives

* CD only

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