Stone Jack Jones brings us Love & Torture from almost beyond the grave

Stone Jack Jones brings us Love & Torture from almost beyond the grave

Stone Jack Jones takes the image of a world-weary wandering folksmith to new levels. While everyone from Woody Guthrie to Justin Townes Earl can wander the ol’ dusty plains slinging an acoustic guitar and a notepad of observations, only Stone Jack Jones can claim to have wandered both the astral as well as the dusty plains.

Jones, you see, suffers from a blood disease so rare that doctors can’t even figure out what it is, so serious it’s taken him to death’s door twice, so close he’s even received the last rites, which is pretty badass and handy to have. It’s a unique experience from which an artist can craft their art, and there’s no doubting the gravelly haunted voice with which Jones punctuates his sparse folk creations are a new approach to an old formula.

Western Vinyl will be releasing Jones’ latest missive called Love & Torture on March 17, which will feature 10 of Jones’ gut-wrenching folk warblings along with contributions from fellow Nashville stalwarts Patty Griffin and Kurt Wagner (Lambchop).

Throw out your ouija board and get an insight to the afterlife via the lead single “Shine” below:

Love & Torture tracklist:

01. Shine
02.Thrill Thrill
03. Q and K
04. Circumstance
05. Ships
06. Disappear
07. Russia
08. Song
09. Who
10. Say Amen

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