Stooges postpone tour due to Iggy Pop foot injury, forever proving that he can feel pain

Stooges postpone tour due to Iggy Pop foot injury, forever proving that he can feel pain

We’re all going to get old and die. Think about that for a while. Savor its bitter flavor and let it dance upon your palette. One day you’re rolling around in peanut butter and cutting yourself on stage, the next you’re knocking on death’s door. And you might hope that death isn’t home, but he’s probably going to be. He’s going to open that door and hand you a big palmful of doom, like the most terrifying Halloween participant of all time. Don’t try to resist it, because you can’t even stop yourself. It’s like the sweetest candy, except it is truly the most bitter. Huh? Bwuh? What were we talking about again? Halloween?

Back on track: everybody gets old, including Iggy Pop. While Pop may have once fought through a Stooges show with a beartrap on one leg and three bullets in the other, those days are gone. Last month, he broke two of the bones in his foot during a concert in Romania. As such, he will need to rest for six to eight weeks and will be unable to perform at The Stooges’ upcoming West Coast dates.

In related Stooges medical news, drummer Scott Asheton has also had a difficult time of it recently. Though his ailment has not been specified, Iggy Pop told Rolling Stone that the drummer had to be rushed to the hospital after the band’s appearance at Hellfest in France this past summer. Pop said that had proper medical attention not been sought, his bandmate would have died. Currently, Asheton is recovering in Florida, but he plans to rejoin the band next year. Until then, Larry Mullins will serve as his temporary replacement. Also, manning the saxophone will be the dark specter of death, his bony hands playing the most ripping sax runs that you have ever heard.

Canceled Stooges dates:

09.10.11 - Las Vegas, NV - The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel
09.12.11 - San Francisco, CA - The Warfield
09.13.11 - San Francisco, CA - The Warfield

Dates will be rescheduled in the near future.

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