Strange Wilds sign to Sub Pop, just in time for the Sub Pop Thanksgiving Feast

Strange Wilds sign to Sub Pop, just in time for the Sub Pop Thanksgiving Feast

As a kid, our Thanksgiving dinners weren’t that great. Tofurkey from a can. Cranberry mash from a box. And a pie that came from a tin just labeled “PIE” and didn’t taste like anything, yet somehow reminded you, the eater, of pie. After our father passed out in front of the traditional viewing of Old Yeller, me and my seven siblings would slip out of the house, solely to gaze longingly at the indulgent Thanksgiving feasts the Sub Pop family had every single year. They really had it all. Fried turkey. Mashed potatoes and homemade gravy. Cornbread and biscuits. They even had five different types of yams. We were always jealous of them, and now we are jealous of Olympia/Seattle-based punks Strange Wilds, who just signed to the label.

The group, formed from members of Negative Press, Outlook, Wreck, and various other Pacific Northwest punk rock outfits, plan to release music for Sub Pop in the coming year. What music particularly? Hey pal, beats me! Probably an album or single or something. Until then, sate yourself with a video for “Slime” below and a stream of their Wet EP on SoundCloud, which they put out earlier this year on Inimical. Now, pass the succotash loaf.

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