The Strokes finish new album! For their sakes, I hope it’s hypnagogic enough

The Strokes finish new album! For their sakes, I hope it's hypnagogic enough

Hey, great news everyone! As NME reports, Julian Casablancas, lead talk-singer for the popular, “half-assed is the new whole-assed” rock ‘n’ roll combo The Strokes, has half-assedly announced on his solo-project-oriented Twitter that the new Strokes album is finally done and will probably be out in “a few months.” I guess he tweeted this in response to a fan straight-up asking about when the new record would be out… and to think, all this time and all we had to do was ask the man.

Of course, who knows what surprises and band drama may lie in wait in the mixing process, but if those five idiots can keep their egos in check, we may just have a brilliant new Strokes record on our hands in 2011! Wow! And just in case one man’s opinion is no longer good enough for you when it comes to all things Strokes-related, Nikolai Fraiture has also confirmed the album’s doneness on his Twitter account. Hey, how about that? It’s happening. This is BIG NEWS, people!**

(** please note that, although contractually obligated to zealously report this story, Tiny Mix Tapes understands and acknowledges that the qualification of “big news” could easily be interpreted as “hyperbolic,” as such blind enthusiasm for The Strokes here in 2010 could only realistically be predicated on the extremely unlikely event that our readership has no memory of the following list of abysmal Strokes-related releases that have effectively obliterated the members’ reputations as reputable artists:

• The Strokes — First Impressions of Earth - 2006
• Little Joy — Little Joy - 2008
• Albert Hammond, Jr. — ¿Cómo Te Llama? - 2008 (Yours to Keep was alright…)
• Julian Cassablancas — Phrazes for the Young - 2009
• Nickel Eye — The Time of The Assassins - 2009

If, for whatever reason, your optimistic attitude of “The Strokes have good music left in them, dude” remains after reading this list, then god bless you. If your Strokes glass is half-empty at this point, then cheers.)

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