Studies Show Owning the New Book by Former Joy Division/New Order Manager Rob Gretton Adds Enough Cool Points to Cancel Out Your Massive Collection of Vampire Romance Novels

Whoa, dude! Surf's up! Yes, the Joy Division/New Order nostalgia wave is growing even stronger in force thanks to the revelation that former manager Rob Gretton's band-related notebooks will soon be published in handy paperback format, guaranteed to add that extra touch of "cred" to any bookcase. The book, entitled 1 Top Class Manager, has a UK release date of October 7.

But what exactly can one expect to find in said cred-boosting paperback? Well, you can find diary entries, posters, studio notes, and to-do lists, compiled by Gretton's widow Lesley from over 20 of his original notebooks relating to his time with the bands. Chronicling the period from 1978-1980, 1 Top Class Manager shows the metamorphosis from Joy Division to New Order through documents like a list of possible new band names considered in the wake of Ian Curtis' death. Pick your favorite from the names unveiled in a recent NME article, names such as Arab Legion, Sons of God, Radical Jesuits, and Man Ray.

The book also includes anecdotes like the wacky time Joy Division threw eggs at then tourmates The Buzzcocks and the time when Curtis et al. released LIVE mice during the Buzzcocks' set! As of this date, no info has been released to corroborate reports of a wild slumber party on the same tour where Bernard Sumner and Pete Shelley played light-as-a-feather, stiff-as-a-board, but I'm sure 1 Top Class Manager will have the scoop.

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