Stunned Records says goodbye and releases tapes 129-136, offers discount for bulk purchase

Stunned Records says goodbye and releases tapes 129-136, offers discount for bulk purchase

In today’s economy (Jesus, aren’t you sick of reading introductions like that?), it makes sense to purchase goods in bulk. Right now as I type this, for example, I am seated on a giant vat of mayonnaise and eating cereal from a 70-ounce box of Frosted Flakes. I’m using a similarly enormous box of dry rice as an ottoman. Now all I need is some new music. Thankfully for the thrifty such as myself, Stunned Records, a prolific cassette label operated by married partners Phil and Myste French with a roster including Sun Araw, Sean McCann, and Dire Wolves, has just issued tapes #129-136 and are offering them in bulk for less! But wait, there’s more! When purchasing this set of new releases by Warm Climate, Social Drag, Nite Lite, and many other great artists, Stunned will include a bonus cassette by Enfer Boreal (previously out-of-print CD-R)!

On a serious note, however, the bad news is that this will be Stunned’s official final batch of tapes. In only three years, the label has released 136 cassettes and established itself as a significant influence to the underground tape trade; we’ve covered many of their releases in Cerberus columns. The French’s will be moving forward with new endeavors, and everyone at Tiny Mix Tapes wishes them the best of luck with all future projects. Stunned will be missed and remembered.

Final batch:

129. Queen Victoria — The Present Tense c60
130. Berber Ox — The Great Parenthesis c54
131. Parashi/Granitkorridor — Celedon/VI c80
132. Social Drag — New Age Healer c39
133. Pimmon — Lay Down Real Slow c41
134. Nite Lite — Marlene c36
135. M. Geddes Gengras — The Empty Space c93
136. Warm Climate — Pigeon Brides Weigh In c39
(bonus #11). Enfer Boreal — Drone Is Dead CD-R

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