Sub Pop Offers Scholarship to (Hip) Losers

Are you a loser? If you answered yes, yep, yeah, or "no, I'm actually pretty cool," then the Sup Pop "Loser Scholarship" may be just right for you! Okay, so in order to be eligible, you have to live in Washington or Oregon and be a graduating high school senior, and you should also have an interest in music and the arts. But if all this applies to you, then you have a chance at getting a scholarship from the label that released Bleach!

Sub Pop is giving away one $6,000 scholarship and two $3,500 scholarships, so that ought to help pay for a book or two.

Alright, my little 18-year-old TMT reader, let's do the financial aid rain dance:

To get the scholarship, you have to submit a one-page essay with images and links to your work to

Make sure the essay includes this stuff:

- What are you doing in the arts/music field in your community?
- How and/or why did you become interested in artistic outlets?
- Why do you need this scholarship money?
- What are your influences and/or who inspires you?
- Who are some of your favorite bands or artists?

If you want to do it snail mail:

Sub Pop Records

Attn: Scholarship
2013 4th Ave, 3rd Floor

Seattle, WA 98121

Good luck! The deadline is May 1st. If you need more info or want to bitch about how the 48 other states aren't eligible for the scholarship, then mosey on over to Sub Pop's information page here.

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