Suicideyear ooze a little positivity into the world with announcement of Hate Songs EP and lead single “Summer Hate”

Suicideyear ooze a little positivity into the world with announcement of Hate Songs EP and lead single "Summer Hate"
Bet you were feeling pretty good about yourself until a second ago, weren't you?

Phew! I know it’s only Wednesday, but guys, this week has been rough. I literally cannot even right now. Between the mortgage, the boss breathing down my neck, and the result of the big sporting event…I swear, I’m walking a knife’s edge between serenity and blind rage, and I could slip at any. God. Damn. Minute!

(Alright; happy thoughts, happy thoughts: ice cream…rainbows…unlikely animal friends…)

Ahhh, much better.

O-kay! What are we talking about today? Oh boy, a new EP! Golly gee, those are always exciting! Who’s the artist? Suicideyear!? Uhhh…I don’t know, that sounds like a little too much for me to handle right now. (But okay; stay calm. No sense getting worked up over what is assuredly nothing, right? Right. More happy thoughts: cotton candy…big red balloons…crisp apple strudel…Okay, let’s try this again.)

Haha! Hey it’s me, I’m totally chill! Today we’re going to be talking about the latest EP from Suicideyear, the alias of New Orleans-based producer James Prudhomme. Now what’s this little EP called? Hate Songs!?!? Eeeeeep!!!

It’s just…like, hate is such a strong word, you know? I completely melt down and throw my refrigerator down the stairs if I even experience an inkling of hate, yet Prudhomme goes ahead and makes a whole EP centered around the idea?

Wait, is it possible that by framing his music around the concept of “hate,” Prudhomme is able to reflect on and work through the various challenges he has been up against recently? Hmm. It would make sense. Come to think of it, throughout “Summer Hate,” the EP’s lead track, Prudhomme mixes warm, contemplative synth pads with distorted, club-ready bass, allowing various conflicting feelings to play off of and reconcile with each other. Wow, that’s really smart actually! Hey, maybe I should try letting a little hate in to help work through my stuff! Here goes…


Hate Songs is out July 28 via LuckyMe, and you can pre-order it now from a variety of malice-loving online retailers. But first; take a listen to “Summer Hate” and peep the hate-filled track list down below. Though, if you’re feeling anything like me this week, maybe ask your dog if you can borrow their thundershirt first.

Hate Songs tracklisting:

01. Summer Hate
02. Mosh Mosh (Julie’s Song)
03. Flood (Autumn Hate)
04. Spent Days Watching Horses Die
05. Alert (Winter Hate)
06. Lagniappe (Spring Hate)

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