Sun Araw goes Off Duty with new Woodsist 12-inch

Sun Araw goes Off Duty with new Woodsist 12-inch

It has been quite the year for Mr. Stallones, the single terrestrial behind the outer-planetary project Sun Araw. Starting with the excellently minimal Sun Ark 7-inch on Not Not Fun and spilling out a 7-inch and LP with his band Magic Lantern after that, the man still had the ability to introduce his most epic statement to date, the Eureka‘d On Patrol (TMT Review). If the guy retired from his sonic wanderings after this year alone, his legacy would already be cemented.

That’s not his style, though. He’s gotta keep cruisin’ those acid-washed bass lines and stay, well, on patrol. Turns out he’s going Off Duty via yet another 12-inch, this time through Woodsist on October 12. Drifting back in time a tad, he’s also offering a CD version of the EP that comes equipped with the Boat Trip EP, which was originally a 3-inch CD-R and then reissued as its own 12-inch on Woodsist. Well, that’s awesome. Keep ‘em comin’ Cameron.

Off Duty tracklisting:

01. Last Chants
02. Midnight Locker
03. Deep Temple

Boat Trip tracklisting (CD only):

04. In the Trees
05. Canopy

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• Woodsist:

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