Superchunk announce fall tourdates! Supernice!!!

Superchunk announce fall tourdates! Supernice!!!

Ah, superlatives. Where would we be without them? How could I convince my girlfriend that I refuse to apply for jobs because I know that I’m destined to be the most important songwriter of the 21st century? And how would my annoying friends ever qualify LOST as the “best show ever” on Facebook every 18 seconds? How the heck would my mom try to convince me for the millionth time that Catholicism is the ONE TRUE FAITH? I don’t mind telling you that it’d be hard. Damn hard.

And hey, what about Superchunk? They might be the most superlative indie rock band there is right now: the “most indie” band on the “coolest” label with the “best” use of “super-” in its name. I mean, without superlatives at their disposal, the name of their band would be “Chunk.” And who the hell would care that fucking Chunk have festival dates planned this summer followed by East Coast dates in September to support their long-anticipated new album Majesty Shredding (their first studio full-length since 2001’s Here’s to Shutting Up)?? I submit to you that no one would.

Don’t believe me? Well, fine. Here’s a list of CHUNK tourdates. Have fun being the only one there, man. The rest of us will be at the Supertramp show rocking out to/empathizing with the protagonist in “Goodbye, Stranger.”

06.19.10 - Denver, CO - Westword Music Festival
06.20.10 - Chicago, IL - Taste of Randolph Street Festival
07.24.10 - Omaha, NE - MAHA Music Festival
09.17.10 - Washington, DC - 930 Club
09.18.10 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
09.19.10 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
09.21.10 - Boston, MA - Royale
09.22.10 - Philadelphia, PA - Trocadero

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[Photo: Lucius Kwok]

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