Surprise! LCD Soundsystem to drop new live album next week via innovative new “Pay What iTunes Wants” model

Surprise! LCD Soundsystem to drop new live album next week via innovative new "Pay What iTunes Wants" model

Okay, Nobodaddy, let’s get it together. You can do this. Just take a deep breath and have a look at the story: “LCD Soundsystem is releasing a new, career-spanning John Peel-style live album called The London Sessions on November 9 via DFA/Virgin that will be available exclusively on iTunes through December 6”? Hmm. Okay. Let’s think. Maybe I’ll start out with something about how LCD Soundsystem is “explosive” and James Murphy is “relevant”?

Yeah, okay, now we’re cooking. So then I can probably pull something from the press release, like “The London Sessions is a unique […] nine-track encapsulation of one of today’s most acclaimed acts in perhaps their rawest and most original recordings to date”? And then maybe play up the “live” angle with that bit that says the album “perfectly captures the intuitive live evolvement of LCD as a band” because “nothing is replicated with computers” and “everything instead is recreated in real time, tougher, looser and less clinically”? Eh. I don’t know. That seems a little hacky, actually. Maybe, Nobodaddy, you should just get to the details, like about how the session was recorded in one day at South London’s Pool/Miloco studios June 29 (right after their Glastonbury performance, I’m pretty sure) and how it features tracks from all three LCD records, which were subsequently mixed by Murphy at DFA’s New York studio and mastered by Bob Weston in Chicago. People really care about that sort of stuff in release-related news stories, I think.

Okay. Cool. This is going pretty well. Should I get into anything else here, though? Like that bit about how fans of LCD will know that radio sessions are something that the band has studiously avoided because of their (well, probably Murphy’s) belief in maintaining “the highest quality of all sonic recordings released into the ether”? Naw. You’ll lose ‘em with that shit for sure. I’d just cut to the chase. Where’s the tracklist? Ah, here it is.

The London Sessions tracklisting:

01. Us v. Them
02. All I Want
03. Drunk Girls
04. Get Innocuous
05. Daft Punk Is Playing at My House
06. All My Friends
07. Pow Pow
08. I Can Change
09. Yr City’s a Sucker

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