Swans announce new EP for November, the circle of life spins ever onward

Swans announce new EP for November, the circle of life spins ever onward

“Uh oh, Swans just announced a new EP. What are we going to do?”

Above is a fragment of conversations that would literally never occur within the four imaginary walls of Tiny Mix Tapes because, look: Swans announce a new EP and we announce that they announced it. Then probably on Twitter somewhere a dude with a cat as his avatar announces that we announced that they announced it somewhere else, a snake eats its tail and still somewhere else Michael Gira does whatever mysterious things he does when he’s not playing music that sounds like it would eat the Earth whole if it could. It’s the circle of life. Like in the popular Disney lion saga The Lion King.

The particular new Swans EP that I’m going to presently start announcing about is called Oxygen, and it contains the song “Oxygen” four times in four different versions. “Oxygen,” if you are bad with names, is a song from Swans’ To Be Kind, which, if you are bad with albums, is an album by a band called Swans that came out earlier this year. The album version of “Oxygen” is not contained on Oxygen. Instead, the EP contains an edit of the song by Mute founder Daniel Miller, a demo version recorded at Michael Gira’s house (where I would be willing to guess he does mysterious life things sometimes), an acoustic version, and a live version from Primavera. The whole deal will be out digitally November 25 via Young God and Mute. Scope the edited version below.

Oxygen tracklist:

01. Oxygen (Edit)
02. Oxygen (Live at Primavera)
03. Oxygen (Early Version)
04. Oxygen (Acoustic Version)

• Swans: https://www.facebook.com/SwansOfficial
• Young God: http://younggodrecords.com
• Mute: http://mute.com

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