Talibam!, Brooklyn's favorite high-energy, spazzy, weirdo jazz, noise rock duo, have recruited a few friends and are set to release a brand new record, Boogie In the Breeze Blocks May 25 on the legendary ESP-Disk label, the former home of Albert Ayler, Sun Ra, The Godz, Pearls Before Swine, The Fugs, and so on. The duo of Kevin Shea and Matt Mottel are joined by Jon Irabagon (tenor sax), Peter Evans of Sparks (trumpet), guitarists Chris Forsyth from Peeesseye, Anders Nilson and Chin Chin’s Jeremy Wilms, and Mostly Other People Do the Killing’s Moppa Elliot on upright bass. With this large ensemble, Boogie In the Breeze Blocks "is a narrative earful as warped and wonderful as spicy pasta, fresh grapes and caramel crunch." Or simply put, like a Jolt Cola!

In celecration of Boogie in the Breeze Blocks, Talibam! will be heading over to Europe for a round of dates. Check out these lovely song titles as well as the tourdates below:

Boogie In the Breeze Blocks tracklist:

1. Predetermined to the Master Plan
2. Ghost Cloud
3. Slap Yr Boots On! Oysters Await
4. Entertaining the After Beast
5. Jim O'Rourke
6. Schroeder Meets Jagger
7. Not Just Any Kind of Fruit and Veg
8. Movement of Ta! People
9. Roosevelt Island: I Can't Do It

10. Mao Mix
11. Nike Rim Johb
12. Herodiade

05.09.09 - Athens - Kinky Kong
05.11.09 - Thessaloniki - Apura Moria
05.15.09 - Verona - ArciKroen
05.16.09 - Trento - Csoa Bruno
05.19.09 - Marseille - L’embobineuse
05.20.09 - Geneve - La cave12 à l’ECURIE (100)
05.21.09 - Stuttgart - "flüssigkeiten & schwingungen" @
05.22.09 - Zuerich - Squatt
05.23.09 - Paris - La Générale en Manufacture
06.07.09 - Leeds - Brudenell Social Club*
06.09.09 - London - Cafe Oto
06.11.09 - London - Barden’s Boudoir - Upset the Rhythm#
06.13.09 - Reading - Kings Tavern

* Chinchilla Festival with Mahjonng, Chops

# Teeth Mountain

@ in an old train wagon

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