Thanks to Studio One Media, you can now make a totally professional quality music video during your 15-minute break from the Cinnabon!

Have you ever seen the movie Badlands? You know how the Martin Sheen character hangs out in these Voice-O-Graph personal recording studio booths and makes these records detailing how he met his teenage girlfriend and embarked on a killing spree? Or, say, have you ever been subjected to crappy mall-recorded tapes of your girlfriend and her middle school pals doing lame dance moves and lip-syncing to a Paula Abdul song? Well, if you ever felt envious of these brushes with fame, these recordings for posterity, these kind-of-self-produced shots at the big time, well now you're in luck! (Except for hopefully without the statutory girlfriend or the swath of murdered South Dakotans.)

That is, now that the greatest of American dreams -- to be able to walk into a shopping mall and cut your demo -- will once again be available to a diverse cross section of humanity! Thanks to Studio One Media, you don't have to be Britney Spears or Boyz II Men to walk into, say, the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall in Phoenix (where the service is debuting) to lay down some smooth vocal grooves. Hell no! As long as you got money, you got access to 3,000-5,000 songs from EMI Music Publishing's roster and the chance to make music videos, audition reels, or any kind of personal message, which can then be uploaded to the web. It's called, and it's how I plan on auditioning for the next season of Paris Hilton's My New BFF... assuming there is a next season. I think they're only on episode three right now, NOT THAT I KNOW. If you are a lucky resident of California, New York, Nevada, or Florida, keep an eye out for your very own Studio One Media outlet to make an appearance, with possible other locations in the works.

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