The Flaming Lips trim the fat from their 24-hour song “7 Skies H3” for single-LP Record Store Day release

The Flaming Lips trim the fat from their 24-hour song "7 Skies H3" for single-LP Record Store Day release

Fuck. Pink Floyd remakes, to six-hour songs, to gummy shit, to endless collabs… what is it with these guys? I’m exhausted just listing all this stuff (to say nothing of their still-steadily-streaming and still-generally-awesome “official album” releases), and I’m probably 15-20 years younger and/or significantly less drug-hobbled than those guys are!

Seriously. Remember the other Halloween? When they streamed that crazy 24-hour song? Free on their website? Yeah?? Good. Cuz honestly, I barely do! Either way, according to The Future Heart, that “little” gem is what the band plans on unleashing on the world on some formal vinyl (as opposed to encased in literal human skulls) come this year’s Record Store Day 2014 (April 19).

Uh… so, okay, but how are they gonna… do that? Well, the band is describing it as an “extraction and reduction” of the original piece, intended to fill just 43 minutes on two vinyl sides. It was mastered by (guess who?) Dave Fridmann, engineered by sitting bassist Michael Ivins, and comes with artwork from their longtime “visualist” George Salisbury.

Yeah, don’t worry! There’s a quote from Coyne about it. There’s always a quote from Coyne about it.

We made 17 of those [2011 skulls containing “7 Skies H3”] but that music is – a lot of people really, they want to hear bits of the music but it’s quite a commitment. So Dave Fridmann and his son have engineered a couple of times this 24 hour song down to three albums, two albums and a one album version…I’m going to listen to all those and see if maybe we would release something that takes the 24 hours, sticks it on something manageable – like a couple of records – and maybe we’d release that. Sounds like it could be really fun. And when I go back and re-visit that music I think fans would really love it.

So there you have it. Now go out and get it. Hmm… actually, come to think of it… only one single disc? Of standard length?? And no flash drives or insane price tags or human body parts??? This is pretty easy to swallow by their usual standards! And probably only slightly less-delicious than that funky gummy candy shit.

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