Good news, everyone! The King Khan & BBQ Show release Bad News Boys

Good news, everyone! The King Khan & BBQ Show release Bad News Boys

When I think bad news boys, I think of Wolf Blitzer, Peter Jennings, Walter Cronkite, and my cronies here at TMT, because we’re all real trailblazers for badass journalism. The King Khan & BBQ Show think they’re now the new bad boys of news since their new album is called Bad News Boys, out on February 24 from In The Red Records. It’s been over five years since their first full-length, and in that time, according to their press release and press releases never lie, “(their) rare 16mm master print of their fabled 2009 art-house masterpiece, ‘Shaved Anus’,” was destroyed in a recent flooding in Serbia.

To get the Hype Williams train rolling, the two goofs released a new track called, “Alone Again,” on something called SoundCloud:

This all sounds great, but I don’t see any “bad news” here. This leads me to challenge King Khan and Mark Sultan (BBQ) in a challenge more challenging than being in the Challenger space shuttle with a mentally challenged person while watching Changeling:

“I, Emceegreg, challenge you (one goof or both) to write a music-based news article that is worse than this article. It can be as vile as necessary, and if the judges gives the award to The King Khan & BBQ Show, then I will officially change my name to Emcee Dickfart.”

Bad News Boys tracklist:

01. Alone Again
02. Illuminations
03. Kiss My Sister’s Fist
04. Buy Bye Bhai
05. D.F.O.
06. We Are the Champion
07. When Will I Be Tamed?
08. Ocean of Love
09. Snackin’ After Midnight
10. Killing the Wolfman
11. Never Felt Like This
12. Zen Machines

• King Khan:
• In The Red:

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