Thee Silver Mt. Zion to tour North America; still haven’t considered the timeless advice of Bobby McFerrin

Thee Silver Mt. Zion to tour North America; still haven't considered the timeless advice of Bobby McFerrin

Contrary to popular beliefs based on no factual evidence, the winter holiday season has a fairly justifiable reputation as being a time of joyous celebration and happiness. Prior to the writing of this article, I unconsciously adhered to the notion that once Thanksgiving rolled around, the slightly melancholic among us suddenly descended into a bottomless pit of anger and depression, of which the only remedy was a gift on par with Skyrim, or unfortunately, a tragic conclusion. Well, allow me to shed a ray of optimism on this seemingly absurd commentary — it’s totally untrue! As the Los Angeles Times points out, “It is a baseless notion, according to a body of published studies by statisticians who have examined hundreds of thousands of suicides in the United States and around the world. The number of suicides goes down, not up, over the holiday season, by as much as 40%.” Obviously, this is a welcome statistic.

…A welcome statistic that doesn’t necessarily make up for the fact that this time of year still has the capacity to be unbearably cheerful. Perhaps bringing us back down to Earth, Thee Silver Mt. Zion will be spreading their cynical, dystopian vision across North America beginning in late January. There doesn’t appear to be any new release associated with this particular tour, so consider it another attempt on the part of these Québécois to make depressives out of all of us.


01.27.12 - Toronto, ON - Lee’s Palace
01.28.12 - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall
01.29.12 - Minneapolis, MN - Cedar Cultural Centre
01.31.12 - Calgary, AB - The Republik
02.02.12 - Vancouver, BC - The Rickshaw Theatre
02.03.12 - Seattle, WA - The Crocodile
02.04.12 - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios
02.06.12 - San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall
02.07.12 - Santa Ana, CA - Constellation Room
02.08.12 - Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour
02.09.12 - San Diego, CA - Casbah
02.10.12 - Tucson, AZ - Club Congress
02.12.12 - Dallas, TX - Sons of Hermann Hall
02.13.12 - Austin, TX - The Mohawk
02.14.12 - New Orleans, LA - One Eyed Jacks
02.15.12 - Birmingham, AL - Bottletree
02.16.12 - Cincinnati, OH - MOTR Pub
02.17.12 - Buffalo, NY - Soundlab

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