The Thermals let you read their journals as they expose their Personal Life on September 7 through Kill Rock Stars

The Thermals let you read their journals as they expose their Personal Life on September 7 through Kill Rock Stars

The Thermals have been busy lately, what with releasing their fourth album, 2009’s Now We Can See (TMT Review), and spanning the globe with five US tours, three jaunts across the European continent, and a kung-fu, commie-smashing adventure through the People’s Republic (of China).

However, The Therms seem to be “in the groove,” as they say, and are already announcing a release date for their fifth album, Personal Life. It looks like, with all this work, songwriters Hutch Harris and Kathy Foster have given up on a “personal life” (that’s two!). The album is scheduled for release on September 7 through Kill Rock Stars.

The Thermals are once again working with Chris Walla (of Death Cab fame) who mixed their first album and produced their second. If you’re curious about the musical contents and stylings contained in the album, you could go to their website, or just read this affectionate section of the press release: “Personal Life continues the Thermals tradition of high-energy punk/power/pop while also exploring darker, more introspective territory. Lyrically, Personal Life obsesses over love and lies with the same passion The Thermals have reserved for politics and death in the past.”

Sounds like the same stuff that got me to buy the first four albums! I don’t mean that as an insult. I love The Thermals! I fucking love The Thermals! Let me into your “personal life!” (that’s three!)

For all you nerds out there, I feel it necessary to mention (being an audiophile) that the album was mastered from tape and tape only. No computers here, ya Bill Gates wannabes!

Personal Life tracklist:

01. I’m Gonna Change Your Life
02. I Don’t Believe You
03. Never Listen To Me
04. Not Like Any Other Feeling
05. Power Lies
06. Only For You
07. Alone, A Fool
08. Your Love Is So Strong
09. A Reflection
10. You Changed My Life

AND! Tourdates!

07.01.10 - Calgary, AB - Distillery - Sled Island Festival
07.02.10 - Calgary, AB - Olympic Plaza - Sled Island Festival
07.03.10 - Calgary, AB - Republik - Sled Island Festival
07.05.10 - Chicago, IL - Jay Pritzker Pavillion
09.06.10 - Seattle, WA - Bumbershoot Festival
09.09.10 - Portland, OR - Crystal Ballroom - Musicfest NW

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