Thermsals tour; Smithwicks is DEEEHEEEE-LICIOUS!

i am often known to come home and fill out myspoace surveys when i am drunk, which seems like a really fucking lame hting to do, i should be like, havong sex with my girlfriend but hey sometimes she's not there! so it's myspace surveys. ANYWAY, the howle point is that i usually spell really well when i'm absoltuely obliterated, but that's what i am NOT. obliterated that is. i am just not fixing my typos because i am feeling a good buzz my friends. monday night would have been aGREAT night to write about the thermals because i went to see the holds teady next to the former world trade center (that was kidn of awkward) and i proceeded to get wasted with some of the band, but when i came home i was inebriated enought o FORGET to write the tour story. i woke up with my ckmputer still on and a britney fucking spears website open. i am the female lester bangs, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN>. but you know the hold steady PLAYED with the thermals (i almost wrote art brut but that story's been DONE) and you know what would have completed the mood of this story i'm writing is some feminax. can you believe people take that shit? FEMINAX. just the name ... "guys lets go get fucked up on FEMINAX." sexy, kind of!?

but yeah the thermals. i could have seen them at nyu but i was dirhnking tall boys on the subway. and then i had to argue with nyu security to get into the show. and then the thermals were done. fuck nyu ... the undergrads anyway. i'm just kidding, big love. kinda. i remember wanting to say the name of the first thermals album on my COLLEGE RADIO SHOW (i was really cool in college) but i couldn't and it would just get stuck on my lips like fffffffffffffffffffffff ... ffffffuuu .... (silently in my head FUCKING A!) but it was so unfulfilling. kidn of like working real hard and not feeling that sweet release, you know what i mean? fucking a.

seirously i could keep goiong but you know what, i'm gonan go watch thirty rock and drool on tina fey. and maybe alec baldwin too but not really in that way. my friend hung otu with him at some NYPIRG event once. there's a picture onf acebook. check it. or maybe don't. i feel like he might not like to know that it's there. HAY SUP IM ALEC BALDWIN WITH TWO HOT BOSOMY COLLEGE GIRLS! MEOW!

normally i would format these all nice bUT I DONT FEEL LIKE IT:

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