Third Man releases Tanzania Albinism Collective’s 7-inch single

Third Man releases Tanzania Albinism Collective's 7-inch single

Jack White’s Third Man Records has a history releasing creative vinyl editions — a record packaged with a smell, a record that plays backwards from closest to the center outwards. But the label also focuses on marginalized, obscure artists that likely would have little opportunities for exposure otherwise.

Third Man’s latest release, from The Tanzania Albinism Collective, is an exemplification of this second characteristic. Hailing from a remote island in Africa used by locals to abandon albino children, the album is a record of outsider art in the purest sense. It’s not exactly a secret that the stigma in Africa against albinos leads to regular persecution, but perhaps lesser known is that the group is frequently discouraged from even singing or dancing — to say nothing of playing instruments. The new 7-inch collects some of the results of the musicians. “White African Power (We Live in Danger)” utilizes found instruments while naked vocals reign on “Stigma, Everywhere,” showcasing singer Hamidu’s powerful and raw voice.

Supporting the release will benefit Standing Voice, an organization hoping to end human rights abuses against albinos and other marginalized groups. Head here to place your order — and check out a mini-doc on The Tanzania Albinism Collective below:

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