Thom Yorke, Burial, Four Tet team up for split 12-inch, Richard D. James still unimpressed

Thom Yorke, Burial, Four Tet team up for split 12-inch, Richard D. James still unimpressed

Okay, so here’s where things are at currently: Radiohead’s Thom Yorke is like, totally prepared to leave his wife, kids, band, and whatever else if only Aphex Twin’s Richard D. James would reciprocate his love and agree to run off with him to live in a grass hut by the sea in Cornwall so the two of them can just, you know, lick each others’ windows for ever and ever. He has done all his homework, boning up on the Warp stuff and incorporating “skittering electronics” into all of his bullshit, U2 anthems to class them up some. He has totally reenacted the “Come to Daddy” video in its entirety using only his MacBook’s camera and Photo Booth effects.

And now, he’s even gone so far as to team up with reigning electronic badass Four Tet and the mysterious dubstep kingpin Burial for a new 12-inch single, to be released on Four Tet’s own Text label. The A-side is called “Ego,” while the AA-side is “Mirror” (ain’t no such thing as a “B-side” when your crew is freakin’ Burial, Four Tet, and Thom Yorke, duh).

Will this hip collaboration finally win Thom the respect of his longtime crush? Perhaps it depends on how badass the recordings end up. Luckily, (according to Pitchfork), we’ll all get a chance to judge for ourselves when both sides air tonight at 11:00 PM GMT, on UK radio station Rinse FM during a Four Tet session with Britain’s most nerdily-monikered DJ: Floating Points. So, Richard, if you’re listening….

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