Thom Yorke Continues Quest for Latter-Day Messiah Status, Writes New Songs for Tibet Documentary

Thom Yorke has been in good deed overdrive lately, all doin’ nice stuff to change the world like Will Smith in that movie where he has “a fateful secret” that catalyzes him to do things to help people. (No, I don’t know what the “fateful secret” is. I just looked this up on IMDB but trust me, it is TOOOOOOTALLY an appropriate simile.) The latest cause to receive Thom’s assistance is an upcoming documentary about Tibet, entitled When the Dragon Swallowed the Sun. Yorke has contributed three new songs to the flick, which takes an inside look at Tibetans’ struggle to free their country from Chinese occupation. Damien Rice and Philip Glass have also lent a hand to the film, which is expected to premiere early this year.

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