Thrill Jockey plans Heat Leisure LP for October release, featuring members of Pontiak, Guardian Alien

Thrill Jockey plans Heat Leisure LP for October release, featuring members of Pontiak, Guardian Alien

As a young professional leading a life marked by both warmth and relaxation — I own not one but two heating pads and I regularly trick my roommate into giving me foot massages — I feel uniquely qualified to tell the world about the upcoming Heat Leisure LP on Thrill Jockey. In fact, with a great deal of confidence I believe I can say that most of my life has been building up to the moment in the next sentence where I tell you the album’s title and release date. It’s called III & IV and it’s out October 21. You might be thinking that any old joker could’ve written that sentence, but that’s where you’re dead wrong.

Heat Leisure is a big ole collaboration between Pontiak’s Carney Brothers, Greg Fox and Alexandra Drewchin from Guardian Alien, Steve Strohmeier from Beach House and Arboretum, and Robert J. Otten III (featuring, as well, a guest appearance by Merry Prankster and Grateful Dead pal Ken Babbs), and III & IV was recorded over a series of late night sessions in the Carneys’ studio on their farm in Virginia. III & IV is a follow-up to the short film and 7-inch release of I & II back in 2012. In much the same way that my roommate does not limit himself to foot massages but often provides back, forearm, and thigh massages, Heat Leisure intentionally don’t want to limit themselves to just audio albums. The group was conceived as a “multi-media pursuit;” future releases or performances could really take any form the collective imagines.

So go ahead, friend: from one super-sweltering and all-splayed-out-like-it’s-vacation-all-the-time young professional to another, you should consider pre-ordering the LP today.

III & IV tracklist:

01. III
02. IV

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