Thurston Moore gets his tribute on in honor of Jack Rose

Thurston Moore gets his tribute on in honor of Jack Rose

Wikipedia lists several Jack Roses. One is a cocktail. One was an “American gambler and underworld figure in NYC.” One was the “British colonial administrator of Cayman Islands.” (Truly, it is a name full of wonderful connotations.) However, the Jack Rose we are concerned with today was an experimental guitar dude and member of noise/drone outfit Pelt. Sadly, Rose died in December 2009, but Thurston Moore is keeping his memory alive by giving him the tribute album treatment.

12 String Meditations for Jack Rose, due this month, will be part of the Vin du Select Qualitite series of limited-edition, acoustic guitar-only vinyl records curated by Swingset Magazine and Plastic Records’ Steven Lowenthal. The album will join the elite ranks of releases by Emeralds’ Mark McGuire and Codeine/Come/New Year dude Chris Brokaw.

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