Tim Hecker announces new LP, ambient fans very quietly go nuts

Tim Hecker announces new LP, ambient fans very quietly go nuts
Tim Hecker being Tim Hecker (Photo: Todd Cole)

Honestly, we kinda just wanted to wait a while before we told you guys about this one, because it just felt too good to bask in the good news by the TMT HQ fireplace while sipping very, very red glasses of cherry cordial (like we DO here). But now that just seems cruel. So, okay, here you go: yesterday, Canadian “sound artist[e]” Tim Hecker kinda, sorta, totally revealed all the luscious details of his debut album for 4AD (and follow-up to 2013’s Virgins). Yeah. It’s called Love Streams, and it hits streets on April 8.

According to the press release that we’ve been drunkenly reading aloud to one another over and over again, the album was “inspired by notions of 15th century choral scores (particularly those by Josquin des Prez), transposed to an artificial intelligence-era language of digital resonance and bright synths.” The recording was a gradual process, “with layers of studio-tracked keyboards, choir and woodwinds being woven into the mix, then molded and disfigured through complex programming.” In Hecker’s words, the results kinda sound like “liturgical aesthestics after Yeezus” and the “transcendental voice in the age of auto-tune.” Yup. Again: SOOO sorry we didn’t tell you sooner. :(

And hey, since you now have no reason to ever trust a single word we tell you ever again, you can read more of these delicious words yourself and pre-order this obvious candidate for “best-album-of-cannibalized-sacred-music-ever as a “limited edition transparent double LP” from 4AD and digitally from the usual slew of other places. But I swear, that’s all we know about it. You’re officially up to speed.

Oh, okay, fine, you caught us. There’s one more thing: Hecker will also be performing Love Streams at his shows throughout 2016, beginning with a handful of dates this spring. But that’s all we know about this stuff for now. We promise. <3

Love Streams tracklisting:

01. Obsidian Counterpoint
02. Music of the Air
03. Bijie Dream
04. Live Leak Instrumental
05. Violet Monumental I
06. Violet Monumental II
07. Up Red Bull Creek
08. Castrati Stack
09. Voice Crack
10. Collapse Sonata
11. Black Phase

Tim “The Cool Man” Hecker on tour:

04.07.16 – Los Angeles, CA - Union Club
04.14.16 – New York, NY - Warsaw
05.05.16 – London, UK - St. John’s Sessions
05.07.16 – Krems, AU - Donau Festival
05.19-21.16 – Durham, UK - Moog Festival

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