Tomás Urquieta to release debut album Dueños de Nada on Infinite Machine, premieres full-album stream

Tomás Urquieta to release debut album Dueños de Nada on Infinite Machine, premieres full-album stream
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For plenty reasons, I’ve been groomed to think about dance/experimental electronic music in a Western/Eurocentric context, or like, a Detroit, Berlin, and New York context…which isn’t necessarily bad, I suppose, because we all know that those places are cultural hubs for the stuff. But I want to start thinking about it in a South/Central American context too! Because there’s a lot of cool Electronic Music/Dancey Things happening in different countries directly South of the US, especially in recent years.

A lot of it is inadvertently slept on, but that’s beginning to change. And that’s great for artists like Tomás Urquieta, a Chilean producer currently based in Mexico — which is also the home base of the wonderful Infinite Machine, the Mexico City label releasing his album debut Dueños de Nada. The album is a refreshing whirlwind of cacophonous kicks and haunting atmospheres, and TMT is happy to bring you a premiere of the entire THING…right here, right now!!

Dark and post-deconstructionist and bleak and immersive, Dueños de Nada is loosely based around an idea put forth by prominent queercore/punk icon Martin Sorrondeguy: “Nosotros no somos dueños de nada, ellos son los que mandan” (“We do not own anything, they command,” I think). Thematically haunting and as fascinating as it is raw, it’s something to lose yourself in, and it’s got me hoping that electronic/dance in Central/South America will continue to get more attention.

Stream and pre-order the album here, and listen below:

Dueños de Nada tracklisting:

1. Esqueletos
2. Despues de Todo
3. La Sustancia de la Materia
4. Caballo Viejo
5. Dueños de Nada
6. Arto
7. Me Rehuso a Pensar
8. Nahual
9. Avoid the Trouble
10. Cada Segundo
11. The Curtain Fall

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