Toronto shoegaze veterans OVER premiere new single “Uncle Filth”

Toronto shoegaze veterans OVER premiere new single "Uncle Filth"
"Genres" are, like, so OVER.

Just the other week, we celebrated 20 years of one of rock music’s greatest paradigm shifts – the departure from amplified instruments into uncharted, digital sonic territory on OK Computer. The shock waves of that paradigm shift continue to be felt today, to the point where it’s not uncommon to see groups like Toronto’s new electronic shoegaze duo OVER eschewing traditional band structure entirely.

Comprising Brett Paulin and Dan Workman of the shoegaze group Ten Kens, the pair trade road-worn guitars for samplers, synthesizers, arrays of increasingly powerful, retro-futurist sound-tweakers and noise-benders. Every sound appears for a reason, and “exists only to serve this model and to re-expose the historical nuances that have liberated sample-based music.” History, indeed.

OVER has been dropping psychedelic singles left and right, and they recently self-released a 7” on Bandcamp, collecting “Gone Are The Days” and “Iron Paw.” And today, TMT is premiering their latest self-released, stand-alone single, “Uncle Filth.” The track is a hypnotic and truly unclassifiable jam that jumps across genres and continents, layering neo-gothic chanting over a dirty break. Its vibe is hyper-modern, but also a throwback to trip-hop and the eastern-tinged sampling of DJ Shadow and Muslimgauze. Listen to it down below, and keep up with their latest sounds over on Soundcloud.

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