TuneCore: “We’re launching a new music publishing service!” Major labels: “Why didn’t WE think of that?”

TuneCore: "We're launching a new music publishing service!" Major labels: "Why didn't WE think of that?"

TuneCore, the leading digital distributor for independent artists, has launched a complementary service for administering music publishing rights. Not intended to replace music publishers themselves, the new service will simply aid artists in working with publishers to help them collect royalties from the use of their work.

The new division is being led by Jamie Purpora, former EVP of Bug Music, and already has the support of one high-profile TuneCore artist, noted trendsetter Trent Reznor (from the Facebook movie), who signed up for the publishing assistance service during the beta trial. The service is currently only available to artists who use TuneCore’s distribution services, but is expected to be made available to all rights holders in the future. The cost for the service is a flat, one time fee of $49.99, plus 10% of any royalties collected.

TuneCore isn’t the first provider of independent publishing services, though. SongTrust, which launched in March 2011, offers similar services and returns all royalties to artists after they pay an upfront fee. While the lack of a commission is an appealing draw, TuneCore’s integrated distribution services may prove to be a better package deal for artists looking to increase their revenues. Regardless, Tunecore’s expanding services are a boon for independent artists looking for help in managing their careers and is another example of why major labels just aren’t important anymore.

• TuneCore: http://www.tunecore.com
• SongTrust: https://www.songtrust.com

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