Two Jim O’Rourke collabs set for release this month (Ambarchi/Haino! Ranaldo/Heemann!)

Two Jim O'Rourke collabs set for release this month (Ambarchi/Haino! Ranaldo/Heemann!)

As should be no large surprise to anyone familiar with the creative history of Jim O’Rourke, the multi-genre musical candy man has a couple of treats for this month. The first of these releases resulted from a recent debut collaboration with fellow experimental and textural music wunderkinds Oren Ambarchi and Keiji Haino. The session that was to become Tima Formosa was recorded in January of 2009 at the Playhouse in Kitakyushu, Japan. Word has it that it follows a similar musical pattern to that O’Rourke had developed in previous collaborations, such as the latest Fenn O’Berg release, In Stereo. Three distinctive soundmakers doing what they do simultaneously, reading off each other and hoping for the best? Lovely. This release has already hit the shelves and is available through Black Truffle Records.

The second O’Rourke collab being released to the public’s ears this month is an unearthing of two 17-minute-plus tracks that were recorded way back in 1994 with Lee Ranaldo (of Sonic Youth fame) and Christoph Heemann. One of the tracks was conceived based on a spoken-word poetry piece by Ranaldo, but in true form for these gentlemen, it quickly delved into an exploration of otherworldly boundaries. I’m guessing the other track follows a similar route. No news as to why Drag City has decided to give these recordings a proper release 16 years in the future, but I’m not gonna give ‘em a tough time about it. So pre-order it here.

Meanwhile, O’Rourke’s Burt Bacharach tribute, All Kinds of People ~Love Burt Bacharach~ (TMT News), is out now on Japanese label ADWR.

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