Tyondai Braxton leaves Battles in one of those “sad but amicable” sort of ways

Tyondai Braxton leaves Battles in one of those "sad but amicable" sort of ways

A life on the road can be a rough way to earn your daily duckets. And you don’t need to be an old-school, pavement-pounding vet like some Allman or Doobie brother to tire of the endless parade of ratty motels and rattier food; it even happens to the mathiest of music’s ranks, too. Case in point, poor Tyondai Braxton, who has decided to split from Battles after tiring of the travel grind. From an announcement on the band’s website:

Due to Battles’ ambitions of finishing their second studio album followed by commitments to a full touring schedule in 2011, and Tyondai’s own commitments as a solo artist and his desire not to tour, both Battles and Tyondai have decided to move on without each other.

Sad news indeed, but at least both parties will continue to make music, albeit as separate entities. However, there’s still no release date on that proposed 2010 Battles album yet. In fact, there’s no Battles tourdate schedule available at this time either. So come on guys, throw your old boys in the indie music blogosphere some good juju after this most deflating of announcements, please.

• Battles: http://www.bttls.com
• Warp: http://warp.net

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